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December 24, 2018

brown recluse in college grove basement

Are There Brown Recluse Spiders in College Grove?

Brown recluse spiders make people nervous. These small, brown spiders have a reputation for causing scary-looking wounds. But are they as dangerous as everyone says they are? Read More

August 29, 2018

black widow spider

The Spiders Invading Hendersonville Homes This Summer

When it comes to spiders in Hendersonville, there are two spiders we give the most attention to, the black widow and the brown recluse. Today, we're going to look at all of the spiders we typically deal with in… Read More

June 28, 2016

brown recluse spider

Brown Recluse Spiders in Your Tennessee Home

Many of us have heard the recent story about the man who resorted to sleeping in a tent inside his apartment because he was afraid of the brown recluse spiders that he says were living in the walls and ceiling. He… Read More

August 31, 2015

good bugs and bad bugs coloring sheet

Good Bugs & Bad Bugs

Most kids love bugs.  Maybe it’s their natural curiosity about the world and everything in it that makes creatures with multiple legs, multiple eyes and other interesting features so… Read More

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