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June 5, 2017

bed bug up close

Bed Bug Awareness Week

In the battle to keep our homes free of bugs, it is often necessary to take the war to the streets. What do we mean by this? While there are measures that protect homes and businesses from getting bed bugs, such as… Read More

December 5, 2013

Nashville Bed Bug Treatments For Holiday Travelers

Tips For Bed Bug Free Holiday Traveling

The holidays are here, which means lots of traveling! In fact, according to TripAdvisor, almost half of all consumers polled plan on increasing their travel budget for the 2013 holiday season. With more travelers on… Read More

October 21, 2013

Bed Bug Control Nashville

Bed Bugs Are Misunderstood: FAQs On Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most misunderstood pests we deal with as Nashville exterminators. We get a lot of phone calls from people telling us they have bed bugs, but claiming they are clean people, with clean homes… Read More