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Though a bed bug infestation should not be associated with bad sanitation or even any kind of sickness, there remains a stigma attached to these parasitic insects that leave many homeowners stressed and embarrassed and businesses plagued with a bad reputation. The truth of the matter is, however, bed bugs can happen to anyone and occur in any type environment. Arming yourself with knowledge of this pest can help you detect bed bugs early on and prevent a major infestation. With that in mind, the Nashville pest control pros at All-American Pest are here to offer a bit of insight on this pest including what the signs of bed bugs are.

Bed Bug Bites

One of the first and most obvious signs of a bed bug infestation are bed bug bites. Tiny, red welts, these bites may itch a bit or not at all and are usually present in groups or a line (this is sometimes known as breakfast, lunch and dinner). Victims usually notice bites upon waking as these pests are nocturnal by nature and seek out a food source (i.e. humans) after the lights go down. Generally harmless (aside from the annoying itch) bed bug bites can become irritated or infected if scratched excessively and may result in an infection. Bed bug bites are generally not found around your waist line or underneath pajamas. Bed bug bites are most likely found in exposed areas while sleeping like arms, legs and your neck.

Live Bed Bugs

Another clear indication, if you notice live bugs on your mattress or upholstered furniture (especially around seams and buttons) or in nightstands and other furniture you definitely have bed bugs. As an infestation grows you are more likely to start noticing tiny bugs crawling on your items. Find out what bed bugs look like so you can act quickly should you notice these pests.

Fecal Matter

Disgusting, yes! But those dark spots on sheets, mattresses, box springs and other furniture and fabrics are actually feces from bed bugs. If you notice brownish red spots around your bed, it is likely that you have bed bugs present.

Shed Bed Bug Skins

You may not have realized it but bed bugs actually shed their skin as they grow so when an infestation is present you are likely to notice shed skins around beds and other hiding places.

Bed Bug Eggs

Very tiny (at about 1mm long), bed bug eggs are white and are often found in and around areas where bed bugs hide.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs of bed bugs mentioned above, pick up the phone and call All-American Pest Control right away. Left un-treated bed bugs won’t go away and in fact will grow exponentially. Throwing out your mattress is not a solution either as it will not get rid of bed bugs hiding out in other areas of the room or home. Lastly, save your money and avoid do-it-yourself bed bug treatments found in hardware stores and other retail environments; they will not work and may cause the infestation to spread to other areas of the house. If you have a bed bug problem, All-American Pest Control offers comprehensive bed bug control in Nashville, TN. Not only do we have bed bug experts on staff to oversee bed bug heat treatments and other types of bed bug treatments, we also utilize highly trained bed bug dogs to identify bed bug infestations that are easily missed in visual inspections. To learn more about All-American’s bed bug elimination programs, please contact us today!