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Home for the holidays sounds so good. Or, maybe you’re the type of family that likes to go on a long vacation for the holidays and enjoy the warm sun on the sandy beaches or the snow capped peaks of the ski-slopes. Either way, going home, or heading on a vacation, be sure to keep bed bugs in mind as you travel.

Where do you have to worry about bed bugs?

Anywhere and everywhere that humans spend any time. Seems a bit overwhelming, but it’s true. Bed bugs have been found in modes of transportation like cabs, taxi’s, public buses, trains, planes, and even on cruise ships! Of course, anyplace that you would lay your head and rest is also a place that could have a bed bug presence. Beds in motels, hotels, condo’s, penthouses, hospitals, dormitories, timeshares, and even in the chairs and books in libraries have all been places that bed bugs have been discovered.

What do you look for when looking for bed bugs?

Bed bugs leave some small signs that they are around. You can find actual blood or feces stains on upholstery or beds. Sometimes you can see the bugs themselves or their shed skins lying around. If you are staying in a hotel, motel, condo, or rented home ask the management about their bed bug history and policy on these and any other pests before you agree to stay. This is an important aspect of owning and running a rentable place to stay. If the management can’t tell you their pest control plan or if their pest control plan doesn’t include bed bugs, you may want to reconsider staying there.

What do you do if you think you have found bed bugs?

If you suspect that you are staying somewhere that has bed bugs you should contact the management immediately and remove yourself and all of your belongings from there A.S.A.P. You will need to do a thorough inspection of all your belongings to be sure that you aren’t becoming a source of transportation for these bed bugs. The last thing you want to do is bring any home with you.

Uh oh, you think that they came home with you, NOW WHAT?

Call the bed bug experts here at All-American Pest Control A.S.A.P. Bed bugs are not something to wait around on. These hitchhiking pests are stealthy and can live for long periods of time without a blood meal and they are awesome at hide and seek. They sneak into crevices in walls, inside picture frames, behind outlet covers, and just about anywhere that gives them refuge during the day. We have the best in bed bug detection with our K-9 bed bug dog inspections. No matter how hard they try, bed bugs can’t hide their scent from our specially trained bed bug dog detection dog. Our dog’s nose knows! If we detect that you do have a bed bug presence at your home, we have the most complete bed bug treatments available. We utilize heat treatments, mattress encasements, and dust and liquid applications. We have an all-encompassing approach to these invaders.

Travel for the holidays with your family and loved ones, or travel to see them, but don’t forget to keep an eye out for bed bugs. If you happen to need assistance with bed bugs today, tomorrow, over the holidays, or into the New Year, call the professionals here at All-American Pest Control.