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Learn all you need to know about how to get rid of moles in your yard from the All-American Pest Control Mole Control Pros! Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Mt. Juliet, Belle Meade and other Nashville area cities are a hot bed for moles in yards. It is frustrating to homeowners to watch as moles destroy yards and landscaping! Despite the damage that moles in Nashville may cause, the good news is that All-American pest control professionals have years of experience in getting rid of moles!


Meet All-American Pest Control's Mole Control Team!


David Earheart of Donelson, TN came to All-American Pest Control in Nashville after retiring from Cola-Cola. He's services hundreds of mole control customers from Franklin, TN to Belle Meade to Mt. Juliet and even Lebanon (yes, he drives a lot!)


John Oakley of Lebanon, TN has years of experience in mole control as well and just recently traveled to St. Louis with David to train on updated trapping methods to quickly eliminate moles in your yard.


Andy Russ from Hermitage, TN has been with us for over 3 years. Not only is he a mole control expert, he is also our go-to guy for bed bug heat treatments!


Jim Bilbrey has been with All-American Pest Control for 16 years and is the guy your likely meet first! If you give us a call, we'll send Jim out to take a look at your lawn, mole damage, and come up with a plan to get rid of moles!


David Earheart shares just how he works to eliminate moles!


"It's a process," shared David. "When you sign up for mole control program you are serious about results and I am committed to helping to eliminate moles so you lawn has time to grow and get back to looking great!" David adds, "During the first month, I will heavily rely on traps to get rid of the moles damaging your yards- I'll be out every week for the first 3-4 weeks. After the first month, I'll return either monthly or every-other-month to walk your yard for new damage and trap for moles or place mole bait as needed."


Andy and John discuss why you must start a service plan for mole control


"In Nashville, moles are everywhere! We are the best at trapping moles, bait moles and doing whatever it takes to get rid of them; however, at this point, there is just nothing out there to prevent new moles from coming in from your neighbor's yard or the field behind your house," says Andy. John chimes in to say, "Your lawn looks best when you have us come out regularly to proactively trap and baiting for moles. We also will come out for free in between services when new mole runs appear- just call the office."


Jim reviews how to know if you have a mole problem


"Moles are a small mammal with a round body, long snout, and tiny eyes. They dig series of tunnels to travel underground in search of food sources like earthworms. You may see that the ground is slightly raised in the shape of a tunnel. Another sign of moles are mole mounds where dirt has been pushed to the surface as moles dig deeper. Damage that moles cause can be quite extensive. You may find root damage to plants, shrubs, and other landscaping around the property. While they do not eat plants or flowers like some other lawn pests, their tunneling underground can disturb root systems and as grass stops growing in damaged areas erosion occurs," Jim says.



So, what do you do when you find moles active in your yard? Call us right away! We utilize out-of-site traps and scientifically proven bait to eliminate moles in Nashville.


To learn more about mole control in Nashville, give us a call at All-American Pest Control! We are happy to help you get rid of moles in the yard before they have the opportunity to make a mess of your lawn and landscaping.