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If you think that you have bed bugs in your home, the next thing you should do is call a professional pest control service. At All-American Pest Control we offer a proactive bed bug elimination service. We like to start with early detection measures and end with you and your family sleeping peacefully again.

Bed bugs can travel long distances and be very invasive in your home. It doesn’t always mean your home is messy or you stayed in a bad hotel because they can be anywhere that people are. Bed bugs can come from schools, hospitals, retail businesses and more. They attach to clothing, luggage, bags and shoes. Once they have found a new home they can hide out for months before they begin to explore it.  Here are a few quick signs to look for if you think you have bed bugs:

  • Small reddish brown dots on your mattress, usually near the seams and edges.

  • Little white eggs and or molted skin.

  • If you have a large infestation you may smell a sweet smell in the area.

  • Red bite marks on skin that is exposed while sleeping.

After noticing any of these signs, it is best to call us at All-American Pest to let us get started on the elimination methods. The earlier you can detect bed bugs in your home the easier it will be to rid yourself of them.

At All-American Pest we hold our bed bug elimination program to a “no bug and no bites” standard. We want to eliminate all bed bugs and help you prevent any future infestations. Here is a basic list of what we offer and how our bed bug elimination plan works.

  • Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs: We use dogs to help us detect bed bugs in your home. Bed bugs can be very elusive and our highly trained dogs can lead us right to them.

  • Elimination Plan: Once we have determined you have a bed bug infestation and the extent of your infestation we will work with you to set up a bed bug elimination plan tailored just for you.

  • Heat Treatments: Bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive at 122 degrees. We will use this treatment to eliminate the bed bugs in your home.

  • Follow-up: After treatment, we will come and check to confirm that the bed bugs are truly gone by re-inspecting the premises and we even will use a liquid residual treatment to ensure that the bed bugs are gone and stay gone!

With our “no bugs and no bites” policy, you can be confident that all bed bugs are eliminated and that you can rest easy. Contact us today to set up a bed bug consultation. The sooner we can detect a bed bug infestation the sooner we can eliminate the problem and get you back to resting easy and enjoying your home.