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In a previous blog post, we covered what bed bugs look like and even identified a few signs of bed bugs. In this edition, we wanted to expand on the bed bug topic a bit more, especially since the holiday season has arrived and travel is likely to increase as individuals, couples and families plan on a visit home or just a holiday getaway.

As previously mentioned, bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed, and feed on the blood of mammals. In fact a bed bug’s favorite meal is human blood, which only increases the ick factor. Extremely good at hiding and moving around undetected, bed bug problems often start as only a few bugs and can rapidly escalate into a large infestation. Oftentimes, bed bugs travel home as souvenir on luggage and bags and unfortunately even on people. Though bed bugs can cause undue stress, understanding how to inspect for signs of bed bugs in your Tennessee home can help you feel more at ease and more in control and allow for quicker treatment.

Most people believe that the first sign of a bed bug infestation is evidence of bite marks; however bed bugs bites can look like a lot of other insect bites such as mosquitoes and spiders and some people don’t react at all to their bites. One of the best ways to inspect for bed bugs is to look for their excrement (gross we know) speckled across your linens and bedding. The excrement will be rust colored. Bed bugs hide during the day and only come out at night making it more difficult to actually find them; you can however see them hiding around the buttons and in the seams of your mattress. They will also hide in the wooden cracks of your headboard, nightstands, behind picture frames, and may infest upholstered furniture. Under flooring and carpeting, and inside electronics are also among the many places you can find bed bugs in your bedroom and other areas of the home. Using a flashlight during your inspections will help you to spot them more effectively. You should also thoroughly inspect bags and suitcases when you return home from traveling; this will make sure you don’t accidentally introduce them into your home.

Knowing what the signs of a bed bug infestation are will increase your chances of preventing a large-scale infestation from occurring, the sooner you notice the signs the faster you can call for help. Because bed bugs are resistant to most insecticides it is almost impossible to eradicate them without the help of professional exterminators in Tennessee. If you find yourself in the need of Nashville pest control for bed bugs, please contact All-American Pest Control. In addition to serving Nashville, we offer comprehensive bed bug control throughout Mid-Tennessee that may include K9 bed bug inspections and/or bed bug heat treatments. No matter how severe the problem, we are ready set up a treatment plan that will completely eliminate bed bugs from your home; and give you back your peace of mind! If you’ve spotted bed bugs in your home, click here to request a bed bug consultation!