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Just when you thought bed bugs might have finally fallen out of the news, we see another headline proving us wrong. Although some are heartwarming stories of strangers helping local elderly get rid of bed bugs, this is yet another example to show us that bed bugs are still in the news because they are still in people’s homes and businesses. One of the best ways to battle these pests is to know more about them and their habits. The Nashville pest control pros at All-American want to help ‘de-bug’ the bed bug myths that are out there to help get these pests out of the news and out of our homes! Here are some of the top bed bug myths de-bugged to help you know more about these blood sucking pests.

Myth #1: Bed bugs are quick reproducers. This is not actually true. A female bed bug can produce 1 egg a day, but compared to the common housefly that can produce over 500 eggs in a few days, that’s practically nothing! A bed bug egg takes about 10 days to hatch and then several weeks to develop into an adult. It can take a couple of months for a bed bug problem to get out of control, but if these pests have been staying hidden from you, their numbers could very easily get out of control in a month or two.

Myth #2: Bed bugs can fly. Have you heard this one? It’s not true- they don’t have wings! They crawl instead and can crawl at a pace of about 1 meter per minute.

Myth #3: Bed bugs only bite during the nighttime hours. FALSE! Bed bugs are generally nocturnal, but if they are hungry during the daytime, they’ll still seek out a blood meal. So this means that even if you keep a light on at night, they will still come out searching for a victim.

Myth #4: Bed bugs prefer dirty environments. This is not true, otherwise ritzy hotels would have nothing to worry about! The truth is that bed bugs can be found anywhere and having them is not a case of improper cleaning procedures. They are simply looking for a blood meal and if people are present, bed bugs can be present too.

Myth #5: Bed bugs live exclusively in mattresses. This is not true- bed bugs will live anywhere they can gain access to a blood meal. They’ve been found in suitcases, movie theaters, retail stores and libraries.

Summer has often been called ‘bed bug season’, but truthfully, bed bugs are not worse because of the heat of the summer months, unlike some other seasonal pests. Bed bugs may be more obvious to people in the summer because more traveling is done in the summer, which is how these little hitchhikers get from place to place. In reality, bed bugs are a problem all year round. If you happen to pick up an infestation of bed bugs during your summer travels, or you’re just paranoid that they may already be in your home, please give the professionals at All-American a call. We know how to get rid of bed bugs and we can offer an effective and discreet bed bug treatment that will eliminate these pests. We can also offer you tips on how to keep these pests from coming home with you again in the future. Contact us today to learn more about our bed bug treatments and to schedule a bed bug inspection with our trained and knowledgeable bed bug control professionals.