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In the summer we often hear about different ways for us to ‘beat the heat’. We have all kinds of activities and places that we go that help us to survive the hot days of summer. We cool off with water, whether from a hose, pool, or swimming hole. We grab an ice cold glass of sweet tea or iced coffee and sit in the shade or just camp out in an air conditioned house. No matter which way we choose, we always find ways to cool off and beat the heat. Lucky for us, bed bugs do not have any way to beat the heat when it comes to heat treatments.

Heat treatments are hands down the best way to eradicate bed bugs and all their eggs. These teeny blood sucking bugs love to hide in any small crack, crevice, outlet, picture frame, or piece of furniture and lay their eggs. Unlike liquid applications and dustings, heat can get into all these places and kill the eggs as well as any bugs that may be hiding in them. Killing the eggs ensures that in a few weeks there will not be a re-occurrence of bed bugs. Partnering heat treatments with traditional treatments, like dustings, liquids, and mattress encasements is the most successful route.

Here at All American Pest Control we base our treatments on the belief that our client’s individual needs are important and must be met. We know that every situation that requires our bed bug services is unique and that’s why we offer three different options for discreet bed bug heat treatments. While all of them are unique in their own respects, each one is constant in one thing, our retreatment guarantee. One of the most crucial steps to a bed bug treatment plan is the follow up services after the treatments and the retreatment guarantee. No matter which of our plans is right for your situation, you can rest assured that we will not declare your home bed bug free until it truly is.

We acknowledge that bed bugs are not an easy adversary to take on, and no homeowner should try to go it alone. These bugs are good at winning the battles that don’t include heat treatments, but they do not have any defenses that will allow them to beat the heat, especially the heat treatments that we bring to the table. If you think you have a problem with bed bugs at your home or business, do not hesitate to contact the professionals here at All American. Give us a call today and we’ll bring the heat and declare your home bed bug free.