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Anna: Bed bugs have always been associated with people that have dirty homes or have visited places that weren't so nice. That's really not the case anymore. You can get them at a five star hotel just as much as a rundown stop on the side of the interstate on your way out of town.

Sonja: Be careful when you're traveling. Check your mattress and bedding before you put any suitcase or clothing on the bed. You can get it in public places from sitting in chairs, unfortunately.

Jim: When you're talking about bed bugs, there is three ways to find them. Number one, you're going to find a live bug, or you're going to find staining from the bug. That's something that you can find on your mattress. You may find it on the sheets, especially if you use light colored sheets. More often than not, we have a client that calls us, says, "Hey, I'm itching. I'm getting these bites. I think it could be bed bugs.

Anna: If you do find bed bugs, or you find evidence of them, first thing you need to do is call All-American. We need to talk about what you're experiencing, and determine what our next steps are, whether we need to do a consultation for you.

Jim: We're going to look at either encasements for the beds and climb ups for the legs of the bed to try to catch any bugs that's getting to you. After a week to two weeks, you usually have a pretty good feel if you have bed bugs or not. If it's a ultra ultra low level, one or two bugs, the encasements may solve the problem.

Sonja: The best thing that we have found is a heat remediation treatment. We will come into the home. We will heat the home up to a particular temperature, and we hold it at that temperature for three hours. The heat is what helps kill the bugs off.