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By now everyone knows that unfortunately bed bugs are back and creating a lot of problems all across the country including right here in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. There are several factors that have contributed to the resurgence of bed bugs including the increase in domestic and international travel and lack of public awareness. Bed bugs are hitchhikers and will catch a ride on suitcases, purses or even people if the opportunity arises. This results in the spread of bed bugs to hotels, movie theaters and, if you’ve seen the news lately, you may remember hearing about bed bugs in libraries in recent weeks. Retail environments, schools and other commercial facilities are not exempt just as bed bugs are a very real concern for homes, apartment buildings and other residential properties. And, once they’ve arrived, bed bugs are a pest that flies (they don’t really fly though) extremely low on the radar. In fact, they are very adept at hiding and remaining unnoticed until a large infestation is present and they run out of hiding spaces. These parasitic insects, while visible to the naked eye, can be very hard to detect even by trained professionals when their numbers are small. Fortunately, pest control companies including All-American Pest Control, have discovered one of the most effective ways to detect even the smallest bed bug problem, is by using man’s best friend. That’s right dogs have been used to sniff out explosives, drugs and people and now they are being used for bed bug detection.

At All-American Pest Control, we partner with The Dog Inspectors because we know these bed bug dogs in Nashville are specially trained to sniff out infestations.

They have a 95% accuracy rating, even in crowded or cluttered areas and are able to sniff out adults along with their tiny eggs; this is compared to human technicians that only have 30-60% accuracy rating.

On average, it only takes a couple of minutes for a K-9 to inspect a room for bed bugs while it takes a trained pest control professional several more.

In addition to their accuracy and efficiency, bed bug dogs can actually help you keep remediation costs lower. Because they are able to pinpoint the exact location(s) of bed bug activity, it allows for a more complete treatment and the total elimination of your bed bug problem.

If you think you have bed bug infestation, know bed bugs are present in your home or business, or simply want to proactively monitor for bed bugs; contact our Nashville pest control company to learn more aboutbed bug dog inspections in NashvilleFranklinHendersonville and Brentwood as well as elsewhere in Middle Tennessee. If bed bugs are discovered, we can also work with you to eliminate the problem. Our Nashville bed bug control includes our 7 Steps to Eliminationbed bug heat treatments and more. Based on your situation, we’ll develop a treatment plan that will get rid of bed bugsRequest a bed bug consultation today to find out how we can help you!