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In the battle to keep our homes free of bugs, it is often necessary to take the war to the streets. What do we mean by this? While there are measures that protect homes and businesses from getting bed bugs, such as routine inspections, training, and targeted bed bug control, this is a pest that is easier to keep out if the general public knows more about them. That is where Bed Bug Awareness Week has its impact. Here are some of the things bed bugs don't want you to know. Share them with your friends and family during Bed Bug Awareness Week, June 4-10.

Facts About Bed Bugs

  • The first thing everyone should know is that bed bugs are hitchhiking bugs. They don't live in your yard and come in through your exterior walls. They ride into your home or business on people that visit or spend the night.

  • While bed bugs don't come in from the outside through your walls, they are more than capable of going from one apartment to the next by way of wall voids. This makes bed bugs a frustrating pest to deal with when they get into an apartment, college dormitory, retirement home, or similar structure.

  • Bed bugs are not only active at night. While adult bed bugs are prone to nocturnal behavior, immature nymphs come out at any time.

  • While Immature nymphs can come out in the day, they will usually do it in dark places. This is why infestations have started popping up in movie theaters. It is a good idea to use your cell phone light to look for signs of bed bugs before you relax and take in the next blockbuster movie.

  • Bed bugs are an equal opportunity infestor. That means you don't have to be dirty to get bed bugs. These bugs have been found infesting the cleanest of environments. So, be sure to keep an eye out for bed bugs no matter where you go.

  • When we say, "Be sure to keep an eye out for bed bugs no matter where you go," we mean it. Bed bug infestations are appearing in a wide range of places. They have been found in retail stores, daycares, police lockups, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, libraries, and many more places.

  • Bed bugs don't just infest buildings. They have been found in taxis, buses, trains, airplanes, and even boats. Knowing what a bed bug looks like is key to preventing an infestation from coming home with you. Train your kids to recognize bed bugs and bed bug signs as well.

If bed bugs appear in your home, it is important to understand that these are extremely difficult pests to get rid of. Call All-American Pest Control if you're in our Middle Tennessee service area. When you reach out to All-American Pest Control you can rest assured knowing that you have chosen a company that has earned the QualityPro seal of approval from the National Pest Management Association for excellence in business operations, environmental stewardship, consumer relations, and employee education. That way, you'll know those bugs will be taken care of the first time.