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Bed bugs are not an easy pest to deal with. Not only are they great at hitchhiking their way to homes and businesses across the country, but they're not always easy to detect. Thankfully, pest control professionals have developed many methods of bed bug control including K9 inspections, mattress encasements and more, all to help prevent bed bug infestations and the accompanying bed bug bites. For more information on bed bug treatments, give us a call!

How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs?

Proactive, early detection is how you can get a peaceful night of sleep without the worry of bed bugs.

1. Dog Inspections

Great for when...

  • You have a large home or business needing inspection

  • You have bites but can't visually find bed bugs

Pros of dog inspections:

  • Fast

  • Effective

  • Proactive

  • Helps detect low level infestations before they are easily noticed by humans

2. Mattress Encasements

  • Blocks bed bugs from hiding in mattresses

  • Keeps the mattress safe, even if there's an infestation

  • Reduces the time required to inspect for bed bugs

3. ClimbUps

  • Traps bed bugs before they get to your bed

  • Great option for early detection of bed bugs

4. Night Watch

  • Mimics humans by releasing carbon dioxide

  • Lures bed bugs to the device, not to you

  • Great option for when you have a vacant room

For the most comprehensive bed bug management program for your home, business, or industry, contact All-American Pest Control.