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Don't let bed bugs disrupt your operations

For many businesses, it's not really a matter of if but when a bed bug infestation will occur.  In 2010, companies found themselves unprepared for the hysteria and worries from employees when bed bugs were reported in their office buildings, schools, department stores and other commercial environments.  The result: many managers, CEOs and business owners found themselves spending hard earned profits on inspections, unnecessary treatments and PR campaigns.  Unfortunately this continues to happen today and though quick action is essential to keep employees’ and patrons’ minds at ease during a bed bug problem, it should be a well-formulated plan. 

Let us help your company develop a bed bug response plan. 

Response plans are customized to your facilities and can include: 

  • What to say and do immediately after a report of bed bugs

  • Treatment plans that ensure quick response without fear, haste and exorbitant costs

  • Training for management and employees

  • Bed bug awareness and education programs

  • Early detection monitoring and inspections

  • Bed bug prevention strategies

 With a well thought-out bed bug response plan you can avoid:

  • Unnecessary treatments

  • Unnecessary costs

  • Fearful and unhappy employees

  • Negative PR 

For help developing your bed bug response plan, contact All-American Pest Control today.  Providing comprehensive bed bug control services in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee, we are ready to partner with you to ensure that your response to bed bugs is well planned and executed. 

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